The easiest
crypto off ramp

Mooni is a simple solution to cash out cryptocurrencies in fiat to a bank account, without KYC

Connect your wallet, choose the currencies and the amount you want to transfer, put your bank account number (IBAN) and you're good to go.

Mooni does not requires to sign up, neither to verify identity. Users just need a crypto wallet and a bank account. Personal information can be stored in a private and encrypted storage, so that it can be remember for a latter use. Our service is also decentralized, that is to say that we don’t have any server and no data ever reaches us.

Want to see how it works ? Check the walkthrough !

Meant to be used in marketplaces

Many platforms today enable to generate revenue online, remotely. Anyone can earn crypto by prodiving  services,  selling goods,  renting,  lending,  speculating or  gambling.

The universe of the things we can buy with crypto is expanding, but today, it is still hard to spend a living with it. Things like homing, food, or health insurance still requires to have a bank account and fiat.

With Mooni, anyone that generate revenue online in crypto can transfer their money from their crypto wallet to their bank account, and become a decentralized worker.


For crypto owners

Instantly cash out your cryptos to your bank account


You do not need to create an account nor to verify your identity

Pay with any token

Convert ETH or any ERC20 token into fiat

Non custodian

We do not hold your funds at any time
You stay in control of your money

BYO Wallet

You can use you favorite web3-compatible wallet

Instant conversion

Exchange and bank transfer is executed as soon as you transaction is confirmed

We're hosting a grant on Gitcoin, where anyone can participate to the funding of this project. During CLR rounds, donations are quadraticly matched !

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more ? We may have an answer !

  • Most common web3-compatible wallet can be used. As now, you can use Metamask, Portis, Fortmatic, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet...

  • Anonymous accounts are allowed up to 5,000 CHF per year.

  • The fees we charge depend on the amount you exchange, but stays between 0.5% and 2%, plus blockchain network fees. The precise amount is displayed on the app when placing an order, try it ;)

  • We are not an exchange. We are just providing a sleek user interface glueing different services together. For ETH=>Fiat exchange, we use, which is a well-established Swiss crypto gateway, with strong regulations rules. For ERC20=>ETH conversion, we use decentralized liquity provider, which are trustless and permissionless.