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Effortlessly convert cryptocurrencies from your blockchain wallet, into fiat to your bank account, within minutes.

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The missing off-ramp

There are plenty of on-ramps out there allowing you to enter the crypto space, but very little that allow you to cash out and exit the market, aside from ATMs or crypto debit cards which aren’t fitted for all life situations, and centralized exchanges forcing you into a KYC / AML verifications process that takes ages, puts your personal information in jeopardy, and your crypto assets under custody.

Use your crypto earnings

Whether you are making a living on bounties, trading, lending, NFT art, or a decentralized finance power user, Mooni is the place where you will be able to cash out your revenues and spend in real life. Because most day-to-day spendings like groceries, rent or health insurance still need to be paid in fiat.

Engage now in the Future of Work while keeping your favorite bank account with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for answers ?

What kind of wallet can I use ?

Most Ethereum wallets can be used, like Metamask or any wallet that supports WalletConnect.

How much can I transfer ?

As we don’t require KYC verification, exchanges are currently limited to approximately 1000€ per day. The maximum annual amount is 100.000€.

Which cryptocurrencies are supported ?

Currently, Mooni supports Ether (ETH) and most of ERC-20 tokens. L2s and other blockchains such as Matic, xDai, and Bitcoin will be supported soon. Check our dedicated blog post about this.

How much does it cost ?

Our base fee is 2.8% per transaction. It may depend on the exchanged amount, the exact amount is displayed on the app when placing an order. You also have to pay for blockchain transaction fees which can vary depending on market conditions.

Can I include Mooni into my app ?

Surely! Integrating Mooni into your app is super quick and allow your users to cashout easily the revenue they earn on your platform. Check the developer documentation for details.

Is it financially regulated ?

As we limit orders to small amounts, and only propose cryptocurrency selling, this allows us to bypass full KYC verifications. Exchanges and bank transfers are managed by third-party brokers which are FCA compliant.

You can always reach us on Discord if you have any other questions 😇

Mooni has been community-funded from day 1, without VCs, and will remain as such.
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